Birthing Hospital In Ghodbunder Road


Pregnancy is one of the most crucial parts of a women’s life. It is a phase that is full of mixed emotions, as the female goes through a lot of physical and psychological changes. A woman requires extensive care from day one of pregnancy because any negligence can lead to tragedy. Usually, pregnancy is described as moodiness, irritability, carbines, etc., it can bring a roller coaster of different emotions because of the hormones within the body. However, it is a beautiful thing, as a female is giving a life of a baby. Dr. Vidya is serving the pregnant ladies in the Birthing Hospital in Ghodbunder Road Thane and is providing them the best care according to the body type.

Pre and Post pregnancy care is essential for both the mother and the child it includes; balanced diet schedule, physical exercise, lifestyle modifications, routine checkups, etc. With the extensive knowledge in obstetrics, Dr. Vidya ensures that all her patients have a healthy body before, during, and after pregnancy. We are known as the Best Birthing Hospital in Ghodbunder Road because we have professional staff and a hygienic atmosphere.

We help the women in giving birth normally and also suggest to them what is the best thing to do as per the condition. Apart from a normal delivery, we are also exemplary capable of performing the C-section Surgery. Dr. Vidya provides the insights of everything to the patient so that they can stay calm because there are many women out there who start panicking during their first baby. The prices of all-inclusive medical services are low so that every woman can get proper care during the pregnancy.

Dr. Vidya’s psychological counseling sessions and regular medications have gained a lot of popularity because it helps women throughout pregnancy. Reach out to her today, and enjoy the benefits of the remarkable medical services.


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