Gynecologist in Hiranandani


The women’s reproductive health is a complicated branch of medical science, and sometimes it becomes difficult to judge that what is wrong and what is not because everybody reacts differently. So, it is better to visit the Best Gynecologist in Hiranandani Meadows, as the doctor is there to help you. The female reproductive system consists of five major organs, namely, the ovaries, fallopian tube, uterus, vagina, and breast. Dr. Vidya Shetty can provide consultancy regarding all this and other medical ailments associated with the women's reproductive system.


• Painful Periods
• Vaginal Odor
• Swelling Bumps near Vagina and Breast
• Sexual Discomfort
• Sexual History to determine any risk factors
• Urinary Leakage
• Low Libido

Dr. Vidya is one of the renowned Lady gynecologist in Hiranandani Meadows because she acts like a female best friend, and the patients can discuss even the issues they are embarrassed about. She is very understanding and never fails to render satisfactory treatment and medications. Dr. Vidya gives her patient proper psychological support and therapy during the treatment procedure and has made everything available at low prices.

Moreover, her treatment includes the planning of lifestyle, routine check-up, etc. Being the top Gynecologist in Hiranandani Meadows she is one of the most reliable ones. Her academic knowledge and professional skills made her the first choice of the females. At the clinic, she has access to the latest technology and equipment with the help of which she provides the exemplary treatment; for an integrated medical checkup visit her clinic today.


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