Laparoscopic Surgery In Thane


Laparoscopy surgery has gained a lot of popularity lately, as it is a low-risk surgery, which helps in diagnosing the range of conditions that can affect the working of the abdomen or pelvis. It is also useful in removing the damaged tissue or organ, to prevent the spread of disease from one part to another. The reproductive system of the female is complex and requires utmost care and hygiene, and Dr. Vidya Shetty is offering full-fledged medical services for the same. She conducts Laparoscopic Surgery in Manpada Thane with the help of modern technology and equipment. Her success rate of laparoscopic surgery is very high that is the reason why she is known as one of the renowned laparoscopic surgeon, gynecologist, and obstetrician.

She is working in this domain for the past several years and never fails to render the effective medical service to her patients. The other name for laparoscopic surgery is keyhole surgery because it uses a small incision, which gives a high-quality image on the monitor and aids in the identification of the issue.


• Treating Endometriosis
• Removing the Scar Tissues
• Treating Ectopic Pregnancy
• Helps in Sterilisation
• Removing Cysts
• Removing Womb, or Ovaries
• Aids in Treating Fibroids
• Checking for the development of any cancer cells

Our Laparoscopic Surgery in Manpada Thane is highly praised by our patients because we never fail to provide satisfactory treatment. Reach out to Dr. Vidya Shetty Clinic today and know more about the laparoscopy surgery.


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